Extreme activist groups want to force introduction of destructive non-native wolves onto public lands in Colorado.

  • Forced wolf introduction will create immediate conflicts with Colorado’s growing population and will pose a dangerous and deadly threat to pets and livestock in regions where they are introduced.

  • Forced wolf introduction into Colorado will have devastating effects on native elk, moose, and deer populations and will facilitate the spread of deadly disease (Gray Wolf disease/hydatid disease) among humans, pets, wildlife, and livestock.

  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife, along with a broad coalition of conservationists, outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, farmers, ranchers, and wildlife management professionals oppose forced wolf introduction into Colorado and so should you.

  • The Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition will deliver this petition to your State Legislators, County Commissioners, and Sheriff, asking them to publicly stand against forced wolf introduction in Colorado. Help us oppose this terrible idea before it's too late.


Protect our public lands and join the growing list of Coloradans who are saying NO to FORCED WOLF INTRODUCTION