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Dear friend-

There’s a cliche that is sadly coming true in Colorado.

In many circles you often hear people describe a dangerous idea by saying something like “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” or “the wolf is at our doorstep.''

Well now there is a ballot initiative in Colorado that is literally a dangerous idea involving actual wolves.

That’s why I’m writing to ask that you help me and my friends at Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition.

Currently pro-wolf radicals are gathering signatures to put their Initiative #107 on the November 2020 ballot.

Don’t sign their petition. Instead, please go to and join me in supporting the Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition today.

So you know the facts, Initiative #107 will force Colorado Parks & Wildlife to release wolves into Colorado. I say “will force” because CPW has already said in the past that, based on their professional, science-based studies, they are opposed to bringing this apex predator into Colorado’s ecosystem.

You and I both know that for radical liberals it’s not about what makes sense or what the experts say, it’s just about forcing their misguided agenda on the rest of us.

So right now their activists are fanning out across Colorado, collecting signatures in Boulder and Denver for Initiative #107, using half-truths and myths to convince people that a dangerous foreign species of wolf from Canada should be brought into Colorado.

They use emotional and deceitful appeals because the real facts about forced wolf introduction don’t paint a pretty picture.

In other states where wolf introduction has already been tried it has brought about disastrous results:

  • Elk, deer and moose herds have been decimated

  • New and deadly diseases have been brought into states

  • Local economies have been hurt by the decrease in hunting permits

  • Ranchers are left with depredation losses and dramatically lower birth rates for their livestock.

  • Millions of taxpayer dollars spent trying to “control” the wolf population

  • Inevitable attacks on humans and family pets.

And it’s not just the loss of livestock for cattle and sheep ranchers that’s bad, it’s the emotional toll that ranching families undergo, fighting a 24/7 battle to protect their herds and livelihood.

The good news though is that Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition is a broad coalition of organizations and individuals that have come together to stop this insane plan.

Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition is a non-profit comprised of hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, conservationists, farmers and ranchers like myself and many others who are concerned about the real damage and danger that will come to our state if the pro-wolf radicals are successful in forcing Initiative 107 on us.

I have financially contributed to Stop the Wolf’s work myself, and I, along with other family members, have committed to volunteering our time and efforts, because this coalition is the no nonsense professional approach we need to stop this crazy idea in its tracks.

Will you please join me in supporting Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition today?

Please donate $50, $100 or more right away, and/or volunteer your time at the local level.

This fight will take all of us working together to stop forced wolf introduction in Colorado.

As you may know, I spend my time at the State Capitol battling political insiders with their liberal agendas that are always at odds with the common sense realities everyday Coloradans like you and me live with.

This effort to force Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) to introduce a non-native species of aggressive wolf is just another example of that type of highly political, agenda driven scheming that comes out of Denver.

That’s why Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition is hard at work across the state:

- Leading the fight in Colorado to stop forced wolf introduction
- Speaking at community gatherings and writing op-eds in newspapers
- Running video ads on social media
- Circulating their petition asking all local and state officials to oppose wolf introduction
- Doing TV and radio interviews
- Organizing and training volunteers to spread the word at the local level
- Creating the broad-based grassroots network that it will take to stop forced wolf introduction in Colorado.

It’s their type of genuine grassroots effort, combined with their professional media campaign that is going to ensure we defeat Initiative #107, and not let radicals endanger our Colorado way of life.

Will you please join me today by donating $200, $100, or $50 to Stop the Wolf?

And if you can volunteer any time to help this worthy cause, please sign up today on the Stop the Wolf website.

I know that you and I, working together with Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition, can spread the true facts about the dangers of forcing wolves on Colorado and make sure that all citizens know what’s at stake if Initiative #107 passes.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide today.


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Colorado State Rep. Kimmi Lewis